Young Kids Class 5 & 6 y.o. runs on Friday from 4:00 to 5:00pm. Exercises and games incorporate basics of fencing and build enthusiasm for the sport and for achieving by trying hard and having fun. Special equipment for young kids will be provided for fencing bouts. Kids can join the class any time.

Equipment is totally safe for kids (plastic equipment mask and foil) we still recommend to have to wear sleeve shirts

So what can you expect for your child in our new special class, the new fencer will learn proper fencing form and technique; besic fencing skills including footwork, and distance control; fencing with special equipment for young kids; as well as fencing etiquette, rules, and sportsmanship (fencing is a noble sport after all). students are eligible to attend our intermediate fencing class ones they get old enough. but most important - they will have a lot of fun, learn a lot, make friends and have a livelong memories of fantastic activity!



Introduction to the basics of fencing. for kids 5 to 6 years old only

$140 / 1 month - 1 group class per week (45 minutes)
$350 / 3 months - 1 group class per week (45 minutes)

Friday 4:00 to 5:00pm (start in January)


Private lessons are essential for developing as a strong competitive fencer. Fencing requires high levels of both athleticism and technical precision. More than many other sports, fencing demands very specific coordination of each of part of the body that takes one-on-one training with an experienced coach to develop.

$45 / One time Only
$400 / 10 Private Lesson Package

Private lessons 

by appointment

Private Lessons expires 3 months after the first lesson